Welcome to another episode of the Conversations for Financial Professionals podcast where we are shaping the next generation of financial advice.

Today we have Andrea Koppel.

Andrea is the Founder and CEO of the College2Career Academy which helps college students and grad students, of all ages, fast track their job search and build actionable game plans to find careers they’ll love.

She's also a fellow podcaster as she is the host of the Apple TOP 100 podcast, Time4Coffee, and founder of Time4Coffee LLC, a company with a mission to empower 1 million students to turn their degrees into careers they’ll love.

Welcome to the podcast! 

0:00 Meet Andrea Koppel
2:30 Where did your personal mission come from?
9:49 How can you find your dream career?
16:25 How do you embrace the process?
20:42 Experience is the best teacher
25:30 College to Career Resources
30:35 Networking on LinkedIn
33:27 Words of Wisdom



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